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The Four Psychological Zones (Part II)

In the previous article, I shared one of the perspectives I had of the Comfort and the Growth zones.

This time, I will detail one of the perspectives I have analyzed we experience in between. I’m persuaded more than ever that understanding our Comfort zone and how we build it, help us to step out of it when it’s necessary or when we don’t have the choice.

The “Comfort zone” is:

  • everything we know, created and integrated into our life.
  • everything that makes part of our routine, habits or understanding.
  • everything familiar and easy to deal with.

I didn’t want to start Diafora Evasio talking about the COVID-19 episode, but at one point I have to talk about the present, and The COVID-19 makes part of our daily life for the moment. We all had to organize our way of living around the pandemic.

The COVID-19 episode that our world is facing, brings some of us out of their Comfort zone. The Pandemic wasn’t expected and didn’t come announced, it just happened and since then some of us live a “day by day” life. We have been brought to live the present.

The situation brought us to reconnect with each other, what surround us and those we live with. It gave brightness to some emotions and feelings.

We started to reconnect with our inner-selves. That’s amazing how many we are using our creative intelligence to spread, help, and share. Let’s not forget those that aren’t showing their creativity on social media.

A few days ago a very close friend told me that she realized that she wanted to work on the well-being of her family.

She took these opportunities to face that they had beautiful moments together but they could interact differently in a better way.

Other friends of mine were happy of the containment because they had one overriding goal: their life as a couple and parents. Working is getting out of their comfort zone. They love reconnecting with each other at home. If they could stop working they would be so happy!

We all have different interests in life, not everybody likes working. The world beauty is all these differences, our lifes will be boring if we were all the same.

On one side, the present sanitary restrictions are a Comfort zone for some that aren’t in need to be in contact with the outside world and more so struggle by being in contact with the outside world, like some introverts. They didn’t felt imprison because they need to stay alone. On the other side, some are struggling and meeting the Challenging zone (called Fear zone in some books).

I decided to call it “Challenging Zone” and not “Fear zone” because we can experience a lot of various emotions and not only fear. The word “Challenging” illustrates better the perspective I have of the experience face in that zone. This zone is where we discover and explore something unknown. It brings us to question and analyze of our new environment. The COVID-19 situation is a “Challenging zone” in many ways for many of us. All that said, we got to one of the transitions between the Comfort and the Growth zones, that led us to understand that the Comfort zone wasn’t familiar at the beginning.

Before anything unknown becomes familiar, we have to discover it, explore it, understand it, experience it and integrate it as a possibility.

Don’t misunderstand me, the Routine is necessary. One Japanese coaching and approach, named the “Kaizen approach”, teach us that the routine is not the issue. The issue is how it’s managed. A good reference to read is The Book named “The habit of being” by Flannery O’Connor.

The “Learning Zone”, is the zone where we get after and understand a new situation and accept it;

We understood with the Pandemic that we have to live a day by day life. We schedule few things because tomorrow is uncertain. We can’t plan our holidays for the next month and not even for next year. We mourn those that we have lost and have to reorganize completely our lives. The Health and The Hospitalities & Tourism sectors are strongly impacted; through that the wellbeing and the connections between people. We understood and know now that everything could change so quickly. We are aware thanks to social media that some people struggle with being confined. We have accepted much more than all I have listed but what we have to remember is that we’ve learned, adapted and accepted many different ways of living because we didn’t have the choice.

All these psychological zones and steps one can experience made us step into the last zone: the “Growth Zone”.

During the COVID-19, many of us have initiate inner work. We also started to realize the positive outcomes of all this situation.

The following examples are a none exhaustive list:

  • Doing more activities with our families.
  • Going more often for a walk.
  • Taking more news from our friends.
  • Value our freedom.
  • Stop complaining about things and changing them or see them differently.
  • Be more careful with our life hygiene.

The end of the COVID-19 will happen and I’ve imagined three possible profiles emerging :

  • Some people will take back their life exactly where they left it, reassure that it is over. They will start to use the same comfort zone they had to leave. These people hardly adapt to change and severely struggle when the change comes into their life unannounced.
  • Some other people will have learned about the situation and will refresh their old comfort zone with all they learned by integrating some new ways. These profiles will wait for the next situation forcing them to make changes.
  • The last profiles I’ve imagined are those used to step constantly out of their Comfort zone or those that will have their life completely changed due to the COVID-19, not able to get their life back because that life doesn’t make part of their present anymore. These profiles will integrate new ways and build a completely new Comfort zone.

Now that we have made the travel together between all these zones, does this sharing make an Echoes in you? Do you recognize yourself in one of those profiles? What is your vision and desire since this isolation period?

Thank you for your time in reading my sharing.



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